GPR Applications

GPR technology for infrastructure


  • Conduits, depth of cover, post-tension cables, rebar, slab thickness and voids
  • Concrete/structure investigations and mapping
  • Tunnels
  • Dams & Levees
  • Airports

Utility locating

  • Geotechnical engineering, cable routing, pipeline inspection and routing, tunnel lining, location of buried utilities
  • Searching for different metallic and non-metallic objects (local items, pipes, wires, underground tanks etc.), buried into the ground


  • Bathymetry – freshwater lake/riverbed investigations
  • Bedrock profiling
  • Karst investigations and sinkhole mapping
  • Stratigraphy studies
  • Water table studies
  • Sinkhole investigation

Road/Bridge inspection

  • Bridge, road and runway investigations
  • Asphalt thickness, base layer profiling and thickness, reinforcement evaluations, structure, subsidence and voids
  • Road-mapping
GPR technology for forensic

Law Enforcement & Military

  • Forensic and medicine

Ice/Snow inspection

  • Glaciology
  • Ice thickness measurements
  • Buried object detection


  • Mineral exploration, mine planning


  • Hazardous waste disposal and ground contamination studies
  • Ground water studies – water content / saltwater intrusion
  • Landfill delineationSite investigations and assessment
  • Underground storage tank and drum investigation


  • Site investigation, assessment and virtual reconstruction
  • Artifact location and mapping
  • Grave location and mapping
  • Structure location and mapping

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