Condor – 3D GPR Processing & Interpretation Software

Condor is modern processing, visualisation and interpretation software for the efficient management of Raptor 3D GPR array data.

Boost performance and improve workflows

Efficient sub-surface imaging

Acquiring data with Raptor is efficient as less time is spent in the field collecting data, which means you have more time to process. However, Condor offers further efficiencies that reduce the time spent on processing. Consequently, projects can be completed more quickly, which means you can take on more work

Accomplish more and grow your business

Effective workflows

The data manager enables the practical and intuitive organization of information. The user has full control of views and outputs from the various processing stages, while the layer manager offers the same for interpretation procedures.

Save time on interpretation with clear and practical tools

Simple and intuitive

You don’t need to be a scientist or a specialist to run the software as it’s streamlined for the purpose and not overly complicated.

A user-experience that meets your needs

The combination of Raptor and Condor removes many of the ambiguities often faced by users of simpler 2D systems, as well as conventional 3D GPR systems.

The dense and high-quality data capabilities of Raptor, combined with the speed of data acquisition, and the data management and processing capabilities of Condor, makes it possible to efficiently view the subsurface from any direction and thereby secure a reliable interpretation from which to make informed decisions.

Dedicated to processing Raptor data

Condor is designed specifically to load, import, process, and manage Raptor data files. Which means you spend less time on adjustments and settings and more time getting work done.

Increased productivity >30%

Modern Windows software (64-bit)

A 64-bit processor can access over four billion times the physical memory of a 32-bit processor. The design architecture of Condor is specific for 64-bit operating systems, which equates to a real jump in power and no performance issues.

Faster and more efficient processing

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