Customized Solutions

In addition to our standard instruments and solutions portfolio, Impulseradar offers special engineering services for the development of customized GPR solutions. Such services are available for select customers with an in-depth knowledge of their requirements and a clear understanding of the additional cost involved, and how the tailored GPR solution can be applied to meet their objectives.

Some of our projects have resulted in instruments or solutions that could be of interest to others. Although they aren’t part of our standard offering, we welcome sales inquiries regardless.


Raptor adaptation for deep mapping

A customer successfully using Raptor-45 to depths averaging 4 m for sinkhole investigations, approached us to develop a bespoke solution that could penetrate to greater depths. The same customer was also happily using our CrossOver 1760 for regular 2D work and inquired if we could adapt Raptor to use the same low frequency of 170 MHz. The result is Raptor-17, which has enabled this customer to expand their business to include deeper 3D mapping services.

Apart from the mechanical differences, as detailed above, Raptor-17 antennas can be configured similarly to Raptor-45 and Raptor-80. However, as a customized build, Raptor-17 antennas do not fit into our standard carrier options. Therefore, customers must provide their own carrier solution to meet their specific requirements.

PLT600 & RQT800

Our customer adaption for concrete investigations

A customer successfully using our products across several application areas, approached us to develop a bespoke solution specifically for deeper concrete investigations. This customer was aware of the depth penetration limitations of high-frequency GPR instruments traditionally used for concrete investigations. Since they specifically wanted to see deeper into a particular type of concrete structure and the need for road investigations, they inquired if we could adapt our antenna technology for use at 600 MHz and 800 MHz only. Due to the extreme working environment, additional requirements meant the antenna had to be wireless and include an internal battery, as well as meet several non-standard mechanical requirements. The result is the PLT600 (special designed for tunnel investigations) and the RQT800 (special designed for road investigations), which has enabled this customer to satisfy their needs and achieve their objectives.

These antennas have since found further use in high-speed road investigations for near-surface layer mapping.

Contact us today if you are interested in any of the non-standard instruments mentioned above, or if you would like to discuss a new customized solution.

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