The Raptor-80 antenna Ground Penetrating Radar series, with a center frequency of 800 MHz, consists of a separable transmitter and digital receiver that form an adaptable self-contained GPR system built on ImpulseRadar’s advanced Real-Time Sampling (RTS) technology.

Raptor Antennas are particularly useful for more advanced measurements due to the precise and near identical signal response (or signature) that each produces. As standalone systems, Raptor antennas can be used in very close proximity to other Raptor antennas and when connected through a suitable digital switch, multiple Raptor antennas work together to gather very dense 3D GPR data.

The Raptor-80 offers higher-resolution than Raptor-45 for shallower measurements in application areas such as concrete, and bridge-deck or road investigations. Raptor-80 Antennas are CE, FCC, and IC approved.

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