ImpulseRadar is pleased to announce our business in China develops with increasing success

In January, we announced the appointment of Beijing Deepradar Technology Service Company Limited (北京迪普瑞达技术服务有限公司), as our exclusive distribution partner for the People’s Republic of China. However, at that time, no one could have predicted the impact of Covid-19 and the resulting restrictions and associated challenges. Consequently, it has taken our associates some time to get everything in place. Nevertheless, with hard work and dedication, all functions are now operating, and our customer base is growing.

As highlighted in our original announcement, the team at Beijing Deepradar has a unique understanding of both GPR-technology and the specific demands of the Chinese market. As a result of our collaboration, we have been able to launch several new products designed specifically for the Chinese market, which are proving very successful. So much so, that we now see an opportunity for these in other markets.

Beijing Deepradar Technology engages in GPR sales, repairs, training, and high-level consulting services across a broad range of applications related to subsurface investigations. Their coverage extends across mainland China as well as the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau. As a specialist in their field, with more than 160-years of combined experience, the Beijing Deepradar Technology team has built a reputation for delivering the highest quality products and services, and their expertise is often sought out for high profile projects.

“Having been in this industry for more than 15 years, I have seen many advancements in GPR technology. The instruments offered by ImpulseRadar take another step forward to offer industry-leading performance, and we are excited to be working with such an innovative company. Together with ImpulseRadar, we can offer our customers better products and help develop exciting new solutions specific to the Chinese market,” says Li Linlin, CEO, Beijing Deepradar Technology Service Company Limited.