As reported in the Swedish newspaper Norran this week, it’s ‘full roll for fast-growing Malå company’ (Westerlund, 2020).

Our third-quarter results are out, and the company is doing well and continuing its remarkable growth.


  • Year-to-date sales exceed those for 2019, with significant growth from US operations.
  • Despite a challenging year with cancelled trade shows and limited customer visits, we still see good demand for our products.
  • To manage the increasing volume in production, we have developed software to automate testing and validate product quality.
  • We are actively recruiting for additional technicians and production staff.
  • We are optimistic about the future as global economies start to rebound, and there is more investment in infrastructure projects where our products are needed.

ImpulseRadar develops and manufactures ground-penetrating radar equipment that is used to investigate areas below the ground. The company was started in 2015 by Tommy Leijon, who was previously CEO for Malå Geoscience, currently Guideline Geo. 

Source: Westerlund, L. (2020). ‘Full rulle för snabbväxande Malåföretag’, Norran, 17 November 2020.