This story was recounted to us recently by a PinPointR customer in Queensland, Australia.

Heading home one evening after a long day on-site, I had inadvertently forgotten to lock the doors on the canopy of the Ute where I store my equipment, including the GPR. While driving and rounding a sharp bend, I heard a loud bang like I’d hit something. Looking back through the rearview mirror, I could see the street light reflecting off the open door of the canopy. I then caught a glimpse of the radar rolling down the road, which came to rest in the street side culvert. Fearing the worst and trying to collect my tools from across the intersection, I picked everything up and back in the Ute to check when I got home. In the light of the next day, it was time to give the PinPointR a going over to try and work out what the likely repair cost would be. Much to my surprise, the wheels were intact, there was no damage to the spokes or rims, and the alignment was still good. There was slight cosmetic damage to the case and handle assembly, but nothing a quick clean couldn’t fix. Switching on and testing operation, all seemed good. Retracing previous searches at home yielded the same results as before, so despite its tumble, all was good. One reason I chose the PinPointR was its compact size and weight, and I attribute the lack of damage to these characteristics. I have used competing instruments that are heavier and bulkier, and I don’t feel they would have held up as well under the same impact. However, I would not encourage anyone to do the same. I have always been and continue to be pleased with the PinPointR; especially now as I know the limits to which it can go.

Scott Masters, Director – Service Locator, Moreton Bay Service Location Pty Ltd.