ImpulseRadar USA, Inc. is now an authorized distributor of the Emlid Reach RS2 GPS systems.  Emlid is one of the fastest-growing GPS manufacturers globally and offers a suite of robust and very easy to use GPS systems for a range of applications.  The Reach RS2 is of particular interest to ImpulseRadar customers as it is an affordable addition to the PinPointR GPR system and brings centimetre accuracy to the system.

Reach systems have the most user-friendly user interface for data collection of any system on the market and can be installed on the same Android device customers utilize for the PinPointR.  ReachView software is the perfect complement to the PinPointR and all-new ViewPoint App.  With the new mapping tools built into ViewPoint, customers can move from the already impressive accuracy of the PinPointR’s built-in GPS receiver to survey-grade using the Reach RS2.

For the ImpulseRadar Raptor series, the Reach RS2 provides streaming NMEA output for high-speed data collection.

The LoRa radio link data transmitter can work to distances up to four times longer compared with traditional FSK radios at the same power output. The LoRa radio system is used to connect rover to base when Internet-delivered corrections are not available.

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