ProStar Holdings Inc. and ImpulseRadar joined resources to provide a more precise location subsurface utility mapping solution by integrating ProStar’s Precision Mapping Solutions™ PointMan® and ImpulseRadar’s world-leading PinPointR Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology.

“The industry is changing and moving away from standalone systems toward more integrated solutions,” stated Matthew Wolf, President of ImpulseRadar USA, Inc. “That means in our efforts to continue to be a Global leader and to satisfy our customer’s needs, we are eager to work with the leading technology providers that offer value-added software solutions. PointMan fits that model with a world-class utility mapping software that complements our solutions.”

ImpulseRadar’s PinPointR technology, combined with ProStar’s flagship mobile mapping solution, PointMan, now provides a powerful and comprehensive non-destructive solution for any industry requiring a precision utility mapping solution. PointMan, combined with PinPointR GPR, is designed to quickly and precisely locate, identify, and display subsurface utility locations, including those not detectable by traditional methods.

“ImpulseRadar’s Ground Penetrating Radar solutions have become a trusted technology worldwide that offers several advantages over other traditional utility locate solutions,” stated Page Tucker, CEO & President of ProStar. “Our goal is to become the defacto precision mapping solution for all equipment manufacturers of utility mapping equipment. Adding ImpulseRadar to our growing list of manufacturers is a giant step in realizing our goal.”

About ProStar:

ProStar is a world leader in Precision Mapping Solutions and is creating a digital world by leveraging the most modern GPS, cloud, and mobile technologies. ProStar is a software development company specializing in developing patented cloud and mobile precision mapping solutions focused on the critical infrastructure industry. ProStar’s flagship product, PointMan, is designed to significantly improve the workflow processes and business practices associated with the lifecycle management of critical infrastructure assets both above and below the Earth’s surface.

ProStar’s PointMan is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and seamlessly connects the field with the office and provides the ability to precisely capture, record, display, and manage critical infrastructure, including roads, railways, pipelines, and utilities. Some of the largest entities in North America have adopted ProStar’s solutions, including Fortune 500 construction firms, Subsurface Utilities Engineering (SUE) firms, utility owners, and government agencies. ProStar has strategic business partnerships with the world’s leading geospatial technology providers, data collection equipment manufacturers, and dealer networks.

The Company has made a significant investment in creating a vast intellectual property portfolio that includes 20 issued patents in the United States and Canada. The patents protect the methods and systems required to digitally capture, record, organize, manage, distribute, and display the precise location of critical infrastructure, including buried utilities and pipelines. ProStar’s Executive management team has extensive experience in the management of both early-stage and Fortune 500 technology companies in the private and public sectors.

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