Ground Penetrating Radar Utility Locator

The PinPointR has been developed to maximize in-field productivity by utilizing ImpulseRadar’s innovative real-time sampling (RTS) dual-channel antenna technology, which provides incredible bandwidth, speed, and resolution, all controlled via an intuitive Android-driven user interface.

The ImpulseRadar PinPointR offers a clear and dependable way to quickly and easily locate, avoid or map underground utilities with the functionality required to meet approved industry standards, whilst offering market-leading performance and data quality.

Detect, Avoid and Map Underground Utilities

ImpulseRadar Real-Time Sampling (RTS) based antenna technology

Quick, clear and dependable locates to maximise in-field productivity and decision making

Dual channel operation400 MHz (LF) and 800 MHz (HF)

One-pass locates with full depth range improves locating efficiency and decision making

Wireless data acquisition

No cables to be lost or broken which simplifies set-up and in-field productivity, and minimises operational servicing costs

Android-driven user interface

Flexibility in choice of acquisition device

Underground utility locator PinPointR
GPR utility locator PinPointR
Ground Penetrating Radar utility locating PinPointR

7-hour battery life

Low power consumption to extend working time

Internal GPS

Geo-referenced data as standard

Supports external GPS

Compatible with DGPS or RTK-GPS for higher accuracy geo-referencing for mapping/reporting purposes

Automatic utility report generation

Simplifies report generation and proves site visit for job/ ticket sign-off

ViewPoint App

The Android data acquisition App includes industry standard marker functionality (APWA, AS5488, or user-defined) to enable users to mark-up data in the field to correlate with the actual paint marks they put on the ground and any subsequent field sketches or report outputs.

ImpulseRadar USA offers NULCA accredited GPR training course

Want to make sure that you and your team members get training to a recognized standard?

Our GPR training meets NULCA standards to ensure that users demonstrate the appropriate knowledge, skill, and understanding of applying GPR safely and professionally to locate utilities. Contact us today to learn more about the course we offer or to secure your place at an upcoming training event.

I have been applying various GPR units and different models as a tool to aid locating and mapping of underground utilities and other targets over the past 13 years, all having their benefits or pitfalls. Using the ImpulseRadar PinPointR over the past two months I have been very impressed, the output is great with dual-frequency which I prefer, ergonomically designed for both tarmac to rugged terrain, while very light, quick and easier setup and dismantling. Space-saving in the wagon and no cables. All-round a great unit and I’m very happy”

Justin Bell

Managing Director, Subsurface Detection Limited

Heading home one evening after a long day on-site, I had inadvertently forgotten to lock the doors on the canopy of the Ute where I store my equipment, including the GPR. While driving and rounding a sharp bend, I heard a loud bang like I’d hit something. Looking back through the rearview mirror, I could see the street light reflecting off the open door of the canopy. I then caught a glimpse of the radar rolling down the road, which came to rest in the street side culvert. Fearing the worst and trying to collect my tools from across the intersection, I picked everything up and back in the Ute to check when I got home. In the light of the next day, it was time to give the PinPointR a going over to try and work out what the likely repair cost would be. Much to my surprise, the wheels were intact, there was no damage to the spokes or rims, and the alignment was still good. There was slight cosmetic damage to the case and handle assembly, but nothing a quick clean couldn’t fix. Switching on and testing operation, all seemed good. Retracing previous searches at home yielded the same results as before, so despite its tumble, all was good. One reason I chose the PinPointR was its compact size and weight, and I attribute the lack of damage to these characteristics. I have used competing instruments that are heavier and bulkier, and I don’t feel they would have held up as well under the same impact. However, I would not encourage anyone to do the same. I have always been and continue to be pleased with the PinPointR; especially now as I know the limits to which it can go.

Scott Masters

Service Locator, Moreton Bay Service Location Pty Ltd.

PinPointR presentation video

Utility locating project with PinPointR

Technical Specifications



ImpulseRadar real-time sampling

Antenna type

PinPointR dual-channel

Centre frequency

CH-1: 400 MHz (LF) / CH-2: 800 MHz (HF)

Channel activation

CH-1 & CH-2 (LF & HF)

Signal to noise ratio (SNR)

>100 dB

Significant/useful number of bits

>16 bit



Survey speed

> 130 km/h @ 5 cm point interval

Time window

388 ns (LF) / 194 ns (HF)


>120%, fractional, -10 dB

Acquisition mode

Wheel, time or manual


Wheel encoder, internal DGPS, external GPS (NMEA 0183 protocol)

Power supply

12 V Li-Ion rechargeable battery, or ext. 12 V DC source(optional)

Power consumption

1.3 A

Operating time

7 hours


444 x 355 x 194 mm


6.35 kg (including battery)

Operating temperature

-20° to +50°C



Regulatory certification

CE, FCC & IC approved


Dimensions (folded for transport)

870 x 540 x 370 mm

Dimensions (when in use)

1010 x 540 x 1030 mm


4 x Ø315 mm


12.8 kg (Cart only)¹, 20 kg (Cart, Antenna & display)²

User Interface


720 x 1280 pixel or better

Operating system

Android™ (>ver. 5 Lollipop) or later


2.7 GB SDRAM or better


Intel Atom x5-Z8550, Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 or better


Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A2 (or equivalent)


Guidance Note

We recommend that you download ViewPoint on Google Play to ensure access to the latest updates automatically.
If restrictions prevent access to Google Play in your country or region, please download ViewPoint from our website, install it manually, and check back periodically for updates.

Important Note

The ViewPoint application ID for the new Google Play version is different from all previous releases (v1.201 and earlier). Therefore, Android will install this as a brand-new app without automatically uninstalling any older version first. Therefore, before downloading version 1.212 on Google Play, we recommend that you first uninstall any earlier versions of ViewPoint from your Android device. At the same time, as a precaution and for backup purposes, you may like to create a copy of your ViewPoint data before proceeding with the new installation.

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