The winter season is upon us and it’s time to investigate ice!
GPR is a proven and useful tool to investigate the thickness and layer structure of ice and snow, and to find objects buried within.
In ice and snow, the GPR signal can penetrate to a depth of many tens of meters and often several hundred meters.
Advantages of the ImpulseRadar PLT600 for ice and snow:

  • Wi-Fi, so no cables between the GPR, GPS and Android tablet.
  • Inbuilt GPS fully integrates positioning data with the collection of GPR data.
  • Built-in battery offering 6-8 hours of use.
  • Additional protection via a ruggedised IP67 housing.
  • Easy mounting and pulling options for use with cars, snowmobiles, or other vehicles.
  • High-speed data acquisition more than 100km/h.
  • Compatible with Android Smartphones and Tablets for flexible data acquisition

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