PLT 600

Discover the best hand-held and multi-purpose compact GPR system

Excellent performance for shallow investigations

  • Archaeology
  • Ice/Snow investigations
  • Infrastructure investigations
  • Law enforcement and military
  • Road/Bridge inspections
  • And more…

lmpulseRadar Real-Time Sampling (RTS) based antenna technology

Quick, clear and dependable locates to maximise in-field productivity and decision making

Single-channel operation 600 MHz

Optimised for shallow investigations and a good balance for depth penetration and resolution

Wireless data acquisition

No cables to be lost or broken which simplifies set-up and in-field productivity, and minimises operational servicing costs

Android-driven user interface

Flexibility in choice of the acquisition device

8-hour battery life

Low power consumption to extend working time with internal battery for more harsh working environments

Internal GPS*  (optional extra)

Geo-referenced data as standard

Supports external GPS* (optional extra)

Compatible with DGPS or RTK-GPS for higher accuracy geo-referencing for mapping/ reporting purposes

ViewPoint App

ViewPoint data acquisition App includes industry standard marker functionality to enable users to mark-up data in the field to correlate with the actual paint marks they put on the ground and any subsequent field sketches or report outputs.

PLT600 ice edition

  • Ice road thickness
  • Snow thickness
  • Object detection
  • Ski resort management
  • Avanlanche monitoring
  • And more

For ice and snow applications, Geolitix third-party software is an appropriate solution for processing and integrating GPR data. 

Technical Specifications






280x255x200mm /11x10x8Inch


2 years


CE, FCC & IC approved

Weight (antenna with box)

7,2 kg / 15,8 lbs


600 MHz


280 x 255 x 200 mm / 11 x 10 x 8 Inch


2 years


CE & IC approved



ViewPoint App

Guidance Note

We recommend that you download ViewPoint on Google Play to ensure access to the latest updates automatically.
If restrictions prevent access to Google Play in your country or region, please download ViewPoint from our website, install it manually, and check back periodically for updates.

Important Note

The ViewPoint application ID for the new Google Play version is different from all previous releases (v1.201 and earlier). Therefore, Android will install this as a brand-new app without automatically uninstalling any older version first. Therefore, before downloading version 1.212 on Google Play, we recommend that you first uninstall any earlier versions of ViewPoint from your Android device. At the same time, as a precaution and for backup purposes, you may like to create a copy of your ViewPoint data before proceeding with the new installation.

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