Our products

PinPointR is a dedicated utility-GPR with inbuilt GPS and controlling electronics, no control units. Dual-channel antenna techlology, Android-driven user interface.

CrossOver is a general purpose series of GPR-systems, in three different housings and with 6 separate frequencies in the range 70- to 800MHz.

Raptor is the only of its kind, a GPR-array system based on real-time technology. It enables surveys at highway speeds, eliminating the need for traffic control.

User-friendy software for GPR data. This allow you to tailor your own array arrangement and carrier solution to meet your specific needs.

Our GPR solutions are built on the latest Real-Time Sampling (RTS) technology platform. They are fast, offer exceptional bandwidth and dynamic range, and are modular to meet your specific needs. You will be able to maximize productivity through the rapid collection of high quality GPR data, and make the best use of your CapEx budget.