High Speed 3D Ground Penetrating Radar Array

Raptor is a state-of-the-art high-speed 3D-GPR Array enabling the very fast collection of 3D GPR data, at speeds in excess of 130 km/hr (80 miles/hour), @ 5 cm point intervals. Raptor is capable of survey speeds that eliminate the need for traffic control and safety vehicles. Conventional systems typically operate at no more than 30 km/hr, with similar settings.

Raptor is arguably the best 3D GPR Array available today



450 MHz frequency

Raptor-45 has a center frequency of 450 MHz. Arrays configured with Raptor 45-units are suitable for utility mapping, archaeological investigations and railway investigations, among other applications.


800 MHz frequency

Raptor-80 has a center frequency of 800 MHz and is hence suitable for applications where higher resolutions are needed, roadbed layers, concrete scanning etc.


Clients choose the number of receivers/transmitters they need for their application and may build their own carrier solutions. In order to aid in this process we provide two example solutions; one push cart which fits an 8 channel array and one vehicle carrier which fits 18 channels (Raptor-45 antennas).

Vehicle Mount – Our proposed vehicle solution, 1-18 channels (Raptor-45 antennas)

The robust and stable construction enables simple connection to suitable survey vehicles for fast data collection in normal traffic flows as posted speed limits. Collect up to 18 channels (450 MHz) in a single swathe with one pass to reduce time and costs.

Pushcart – Our proposed pushcart solution, 1-8 channels (Raptor-45 antennas)

Designed to be manually pushed across the survey area, which allows the arrangement of up to 8-channels with a total width of 0.9 m. The handle assembly is fully foldable to reduce the physical footprint, making transportation and storage much more efficient. The complete assembly can be moved easily from site to site and can even fit into the boot space of a standard estate-car/station-wagon.

Raptor Pushcart Carrier – Easy to Set Up and Adjust!

A mounting bracket on the front of the Raptor pushcart allows for quick fitting/removal of the guidance wheel. The guidance wheel is available in either 150 mm or 300 mm diameter, so you can choose the small or large option to suit your survey conditions. Each wheel type incorporates a quick-release mechanism so it can be swapped out in a matter of seconds. The mounting bracket also offers a convenient mounting point for user-designed accessories for bespoke arrangements.

Easy set up kit

We are pleased to announce a redesign to the internal mechanics of the Raptor vehicle-mount carrier. This change increases the flexibility of the Raptor 3D GPR array solution by enabling quicker reconfiguration between the Raptor pushcart and vehicle-mount carriers. While it has always been possible to make such changes due to Raptor’s modular design, the accompanying video shows how this new arrangement makes it that much easier and faster.


  • Quickly change configurations to suit site conditions
  • Serve a broader range of projects
  • Save money on equipment investment

Condor 3D GPR Processing & Interpretation Software

Condor gpr processing software

Condor is modern processing, visualisation and interpretation software for the efficient management of Raptor 3D GPR array data.

The data manager enables the practical and intuitive organization of information. The user has full control of views and outputs from the various processing stages, while the layer manager offers the same for interpretation procedures.

Talon-2 data acquisition and control software

The modular design plug and play configuration make it easy to design any numbers of channels from a minimum of 4, up to a maximum of 30, or bespoke user-defined solutions. This allows you to tailor your own array arrangement and carrier solution to meet your specific needs.
Talon acquisition and control software offers a simple yet effective to manage the quality of data collection and external positioning data.

ViewR – Windows Visualization Software

ImpuseRadar ViewR is a new Windows-based software utility that lets users quickly and easily open and view Raptor data files in an interpolated top-view format without importing them into Condor (3D GPR Processing & Interpretation Software) .

The ability to review a Raptor project in this way allows you to check the quality and integrity of your project data while still on-site. This approach will enable you to identify potential issues with the quality of critical positioning data before leaving the project site, possibly saving costly return visits or reruns

New Raptor push cart carrier

  • Updated hood design offering extra support for more sturdy protection and longevity
  • New rear axel design with larger and more rugged wheels to assist in survey alignment over rough and uneven terrains
  • New magnetic axle encoder for more accurate and reliable distance measurements
  • New four-wheel option, with support for the existing three-wheel version to match user requirements and survey conditions
  • New higher-capacity rechargeable battery allows up to ten hours of continuous operation
Boost performance and improve workflows

Condor 3D tomography software is setting a new standard for speed and efficiency for array data. Field to a 3D tomographic image of the data is now measured in minutes and many data sets can be fully processed in a tailgate session in the field on a laptop!

Efficient Subsurface Mapping

Designed with simplicity in mind, Raptor will help you achieve maximum productivity and optimum results. The unique design allows antennas to be configured quickly, easily and expanded as needed. The density of collected data means that a single pass is all that is needed to obtain high quality 3D information of the line surveyed. Combined with the synchronization of accurate positional data, each survey line, or ‘swath’, can be precisely aligned to adjacent swaths. This optimises the data gathering process for efficient subsurface mapping


Raptor is the most modern GPR-Array solution on the market. It consists of separable transmitters and receivers which a user may configure for arbitrary number of channels as well as for different applications. A large array may be split into two and two smaller arrays may be configured as one larger, without extensive additional costs. The Raptor system is based on our latest Real-Time Sampling (RTS) technology.

GPR Array-3D data gathering and processing

The requirement to survey over larger areas and apply 3D processing and visualization processes has led to the development of advanced GPR systems that comprise multiple GPR antennas connected to form a GPR array. The ImpulseRadar Raptor solution contains several individual antenna elements (transmitters and receivers), which are arranged to form multiple measurement channels that operate simultaneously and are closely spaced to each other.

There are several benefits with 3D-GPR surveys vs single line data collection – no loss of information, true-3D visualizations and almost photography-like images, easier to interpret due to their intuitive character:

  • The traditional approach with multiple parallel lines, sometimes in a perpendicular grid pattern, where often gathered with line spacing in the order of half a meter. Since a GPR may have a spatial resolution in the order of a few centimetres, this leads to aliasing, or in other words loss of information. When using a Raptor array, the individual line spacing will be 8 or 4 [cm]. Imagine collecting data with 4 [cm] line spacing over a few hectares, with a single channel antenna, almost undoable. In short, Raptor data is of significantly higher reliability compared to any 2D dataset.
  • The dense datasets gathered with Raptor enables a user to view data from any direction, without the interpolation artefacts seen commonly in approaches to 3D data gathering with single-channel antennas.
  • Although the Raptor system may seem more complicated compared to an ordinary GPR-system, the following interpretation is significantly easier. The 3D-processes yields photography-like images which greatly simplify the otherwise tedious work of interpretation. It becomes a very intuitive process.
  • A GPR array collects much more data in one pass when compared to a typical GPR system. But since the Raptor system is also based on real-time technology, surveys along each line are equally fast. Consequently, surveying extensive areas can be done more quickly and efficiently. Routine applications now include utility mapping, archaeological investigations and artefact mapping, road surveys, bridge deck investigations, and more.

“Tauber invested in an ImpulseRadar Raptor-45 system a year ago, which we have used on several successful projects relating to archaeology and utility detection. Although this system was new to us, the team at ImpulseRadar were quick to help answer our questions to familiarize ourselves with system operation, and their customer support has been excellent. We are excited about the new possibilities of displaying and interpreting data using the Condor 3D processing software. In particular, ‘OspreyView’ has shown clear advantages over other software programs for utility detection and mapping, which makes it easier to understand the subsurface conditions.” Anna Schreder, Geophysicist, Tauber-Herklotz-Consult Geowissenschaftler & Ingenieure GmbH.

Simon Gremmler

Tauber-Herklotz-Consult Geowissenschaftler & Ingenieure GmbH

GPR Data

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Antenna Specification Comparison




Antenna Centre Frequency

450 MHz

800 MHz

Antenna Footprint

165 x 230 mm

110 x 150 mm

Antenna Weight

2 kg

1 kg

Antenna Polarization VV and HH

System Cart

Number of channels



Scan width

58 cm

60 cm


90 x 70 x 25 cm

90 x 70 x 25 cm


42 kg

36 kg

Power consumption

48 W

72 W

System Vehicle

Number of antennas



Scan width

140 cm

150 cm


190 x 80 x 60 cm

190 x 80 x 60 cm


87 kg

77 kg

Power consumption

108 W

168 W

Max System Configuration

30 channels

30 channels


IP 65

IP 65

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