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Condor – 3D GPR Processing & Interpretation Software

OspreyView is the first commercial application of a novel method of visualizing 3D-GPR data.

  • Efficient sub-surface imaging
  • Completely preserves the resolution of the original data, both in depth and spatially.
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Very fast, flipping between traditional slice-view and OspreyView is instant.

ViewPoint App

  • Gather Data According to your Needs
  • Automatic Field Report Generation
  • Uncomplicated Mapping with Google Earth™ Support
  • Simple Georeferencing with Google Map™ Integration
  • Efficient Marker Assignments
  • Intuitive and Easily Accessible Tools

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Related products: Raptor

Talon Data Acquisition Software

  • Talon is proprietary Windows based software designed for data acquisition and control of Raptor antennas via the Raptor switch/power box.
  • Since the software is designed for field use and optimized for data acquisition, the control commands are generally activated through functional key presses, rather than mouse clicks.
  • The design is deliberately geared toward quality control and quality assessment of both the GPR data and the positioning data during field acquisition. Structuring the software in this way minimises the risk of leaving the field with data that is corrupt or useless.

CrossPoint Visualisation Software

  • CrossPoint, the new visualization software for processing, interpretation and analysis of ground penetrating radar data.
  • CrossPoint offers a practical approach to managing single or multiline data sets, including online map support, for efficient subsurface mapping.
  • Designed primarily to support the CrossOver series of dual-channel antennas, CrossPoint also supports Raptor data files, as well as some third-party GPR file formats.
  • The user-friendly interface provides effective tools for filter assignment and data processing, marking points of interest within radar profiles, visualising markers on support maps, and exporting markers for geo-referencing within suitable CAD/GIS platforms.

Related products: PinPointR, CrossOver Series

Third-Party Software

GPR-SLICE – Ground Penetrating Radar Imaging Software

A comprehensive ground penetrating radar imaging software designed for creation of 2D/3D subsurface images for use in a variety of geotechnical, engineering and archaeological applications. Features include:

– 2D/3D time slices
– 3D volume displays, Isosurface Rendering, Fence Plot
– Exportable Animation menu
– Split-screen options for time slice/radargram anomaly  picking
– Complete customizable multi- time slice and multi-radargram displays in a single graphic dialog
– Easy grid concatenation and appending
– Georeferenced images
– Vector Navigation
– Complete GPS Navigation Integration
and much more….

Road Doctor3

A unique and powerfull software for surface and sub-surface data analysis.

– A great tool for example
– Scalable and compatible – includes extremely wide support of survey devices and data formats.
– Can be complemented by 6 different modules to cover road, airport runway, bridge and geological applications.
– Tailor-made modules can be developed according to your needs.
– Based on a 64 bit multiprocessor architecture, which allows more memory and faster calculation of big amounts of data for example in point-cloud and GPR 3D views.
– For engineer, geophysicist or geologist
– A unique and powerful software for simultaneous surface and sub-surface data analysis.
– Able to synchronize and visualize data from several sources enabling multidata analysis.

GPR software Road-Doctor-3-CORE
Reflexw – GPR & Seismic Processing Software

Reflexw is one of the world’s most popular geophysical near surface processing and interpretation packages.

It covers the complete range of wave data (seismic, GPR, ultrasound) and the different geometry assemblings (surface reflection and refraction, borehole crosshole and tomography and combination of borehole and surface measurements).

Reflexw has a modular character. Therefore you may assemble your own modular arrangement regarding your personal needs.

This crosstable gives you a summary of the useful combinations of the available modules and the individual applications.


Free and open-source software package for ground-penetrating radar (GPR) data processing, analysis, visualisation, import and export.

RGPR is written in R, a high-level programming language for statistical computing and graphics that is freely available under the GNU General Public License and runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS. R is a highly versatile and extensible language to which C, C++ and Fortran code can be linked and run. Furthermore, the R developer community is very active and more than 10’000 packages are hosted on the official global package repository CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network, In 2017, R was ranked as the sixth top programming language by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

RGPR website
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