The Southern California Chapter of the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) is hosting a seminar on Subsurface Utility Mapping.

June 27, 2019. Long Beach Marriott, Long Beach, California.

ImpulseRadar is proud to announce that Matthew Wolf, President of ImpulseRadar USA Inc., is among a group of respected industry professionals invited to speak at this event. The speakers will present and discuss a range of topics including:

  • An introduction to Subsurface Utility Mapping (SUM) as a professional service and the guidelines/standards established by ASCE 38-02
  • Understand the financial, operational, and PR risks and benefits of performing adequate SUM
  • Discuss best practices for pre-planning, execution, and documentation of SUM services
  • Review which types of technology are appropriate for different types of mapping applications
  • Review the types of deliverables and which provide the best values for a variety of project types

Download the event flyer here

The CMAA is an industry association dedicated to the practice of professional construction management. CMAA represents more than 16,000 members including federal/state/local government and private sector owners, construction consultants, technology suppliers, academia, and legal organizations all with a common goal: to improve our nation’s infrastructure.