Talon – GPR Data Acquisition Software

Talon is proprietary Windows-based software designed for the configuration and control of ImpulseRadar Raptor antennas for advanced 3D data acquisition. The design is deliberately geared toward quality control and quality assessment of both the GPR data and the positioning data during acquisition. Structuring the software in this way minimises the risk of you leaving the field with data that is corrupt or useless.

Highly visible controls make system operation easy, while colour-coded status indicators show the correct operation of vital hardware components at a glance. This includes the condition of each measurement channel and the incoming positioning data, so that signal performance and proper operation can be monitored.

Views can be toggled between the radar data acquisition screen or the navigation map view. To ensure optimum data acquisition, the navigation view is used to align measurement swaths correctly and to minimise gaps in the data. At the same time, colour-coded buttons will warn of any changes in the accuracy of positioning data during the measurement process.

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