We are pleased to announce that our ViewPoint app is now available on Google Play.

ImpulseRadar ViewPoint is an Android™ data acquisition application (app) that controls ImpulseRadar CrossOver and PinPointR GPR antennas. When installed on a suitable Android device*, ViewPoint allows wireless connectivity between the device and the GPR antenna. The ViewPoint user interface includes intuitive controls for the collection, display, and management of GPR data.

* check the ViewPoint brochure for system requirements.

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Important Note
The ViewPoint application ID for the new Google Play version is different from all previous releases (v1.201 and earlier). Therefore, Android will install this as a brand-new app without automatically uninstalling any older version first. Therefore, before downloading version 1.212 on Google Play, we recommend that you first uninstall any earlier versions of ViewPoint from your Android device. At the same time, as a precaution and for backup purposes, you may like to create a copy of your ViewPoint data before proceeding with the new installation.

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