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ImpulseRadar ViewPoint is an Android data acquisition application (App) that controls ImpulseRadar CrossOver and PinPointR antennas. When installed on a suitable Android device (Smartphone or Tablet), ViewPoint enables wireless connectivity between the device and the GPR antenna.

The modern and intuitive user interface is designed to maximize your in-field productivity with features and functionality to support your daily workflows. Collect single or multi-line projects with full control over profile lengths and spacing to suit actual site conditions and your specific subsurface investigation objectives.

Gather Data According to your Needs

Individual scans, single-line projects, and multi-line projects (dual-mode, reference line, or GPS)

Ground Penetrating radar Android App
Ground Penetrating radar Android application

Efficient Marker Assignments

  • Pre-set marker colour codes consistent with industry-standards for utilities to match paint-marks on the ground.
  • User-defined custom colour codes support other applications such as archaeological, environmental, geological, or geotechnical.

Intuitive and Easily Accessible Tools

Make effective adjustments on-the-fly

  • Channel selection
  • Depth and velocity fine-tuning
  • Marker assignment and placement
  • Data and map screenshots
  • Filter adjustment – background removal, gain and contrast

Uncomplicated Mapping with Google Earth™ Support

  • Automatic generation of KMZ files with profile locations, survey routes, marker information, and radargrams.
  • Open files in Google Earth™, ArcGIS, or other third-party software supporting this format.

Simple Georeferencing with Google Map™ Integration

  • The combination of internal GPS with Google Map integration allows you to observe profile locations, survey routes, and assigned markers in real-time alongside the radar data.
  • Connect a suitable external GNSS system for survey-grade positioning.

Effortless Reporting

Pre-set marker colour codes consistent with industry-standards for utilities to match paint-marks on the ground.

Automatic Field Report Generation

Automatic pdf summary generation simplifies information sharing by presenting data in a useful way to prove site visits for job/ ticket sign-off.  See the example of report


Guidance Note

We recommend that you download ViewPoint on Google Play to ensure access to the latest updates automatically.
If restrictions prevent access to Google Play in your country or region, please download ViewPoint from our website, install it manually, and check back periodically for updates.

Important Note

The ViewPoint application ID for the new Google Play version is different from all previous releases (v1.201 and earlier). Therefore, Android will install this as a brand-new app without automatically uninstalling any older version first. Therefore, before downloading version 1.212 on Google Play, we recommend that you first uninstall any earlier versions of ViewPoint from your Android device. At the same time, as a precaution and for backup purposes, you may like to create a copy of your ViewPoint data before proceeding with the new installation.

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