ViewR – Windows Visualization Software

ImpuseRadar ViewR is a new Windows-based software utility that lets users quickly and easily open and view Raptor data files in an interpolated top-view format without importing them into Condor (3D GPR Processing & Interpretation Software) .

The ability to review a Raptor project in this way allows you to check the quality and integrity of your project data while still on-site. This approach will enable you to identify potential issues with the quality of critical positioning data before leaving the project site, possibly saving costly return visits or reruns

  • Excellent tool for managing large Raptor projects
  • Zoom into specific areas of a project, cut the desired section, recombine the associated swaths and save it as a sub-project.
  • View and QC GPR and positioning data
  • Select/deselect surface features
  • Filter GPS quality
  • Adjust and set positioning parameters
  • Fix GPS/TS offsets
  • Scroll time-sliced top view (un-migrated)

Rapid Data Verification and Positioning QA/QC

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