Ground Penetrating Radar for Mining

Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is a well-established technology that has earned its place as the go-to technology for many sub-surface imaging applications. No other geophysical method comes close to GPR’s ease of deployment, nor the amount of ground that an operator can cover in a typical day. Workers can quickly and efficiently collect quality high-resolution data, which often facilitates immediate on-site decision making. GPR technology offers significant benefits to application areas such as archaeology or utility detection and mapping. Which, in many cases, has positively changed work processes with improvement in workflows.

GPR use in mining and mineral exploration is also well documented but perhaps with less fanfare than other industries. Regardless, the use of GPR is gaining traction as mining and exploration operators look to extend the benefits to such areas as:

• Mineral exploration

• Quarry evaluations and expansion planning

• Tunnel hazard detection and structural mapping

ImpulseRadar solutions for mining include the full range of CrossOver systems, PLT, and RQT. Flexible mounting configurations allow antennas to be moved by hand, mounted to, or pulled by vehicles, or other bespoke mounting arrangements. Since our systems collect and transmit data wirelessly, there are no long cables to snag, damage, or restrict usage, making them safer to use in cramped or hazardous mining areas.

ImpulseRadar GPR’s benefits for mining include the mitigation of risk, extraction cost reductions, gaining market advantage, and enhancing return on investment.

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Mining applications for GPR include:

  • Mine safety – hazard detection (loose rock, cavities)
  • Rock extraction investigations – structural integrity, joints, cracking
  • Kimberlite exploration
  • Study of sedimentary rock layers and layering
  • Mineral exploration
  • Placer mapping
  • Salt mining
  • Tunnel investigations – forehead planning
  • Quarry evaluations
  • Deep bedrock mapping
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