We were delighted to have supported the June Town Hall, which centered on the topic of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and are pleased to provide access to the complete video recording  

Watch the video to discover answers to the intriguing questions that were posed:

Why is it particularly useful in damage prevention?
Can you give us an overview of the current state of the GPR marketplace?
What role do geological conditions play in GPR use?
How do you recommend locating plastic water lines with GPR?
What is the training standard for GPR?
What certifications are available for GPR operators?
What are the most effective strategies for digitizing and organizing data obtained from GPR scans?
What data types can be exported from GPR software?
Is today’s GPR more accurate than the equipment from 5 years ago?
What is the max depth that GPR can read? Is it mostly dependent on soil conditions?
How can I network with other GPR operators?
What is the accuracy of the GPR data? Sub-meter, sub-foot, or survey-grade centimeter accuracy