ImpulseRadar is pleased to announce the appointment of a new distribution partner in Mexico and Central America.

ImpulseRadar announces the immediate appointment of Instrumentos Geocientificos, S. de R.L. (Geoelec), as our distribution partner in Mexico. Consistent with our international growth strategy, this will increase our geographic reach and provide access to new markets, whilst helping us to acquire new customers and develop new revenue streams.

“We are very pleased to be working with Geoelec in Mexico. Their expertise in the provision of products and services, including GPR, for geophysical and geotechnical applications, makes them the ideal partner to support our growth in this unique market and across the Central American region”, says Tommy Leijon, CEO, ImpulseRadar.

For more than thirty-years, Geoelec has supplied a broad range of instruments for geophysics, mining, geotechnics, security, and other specialized applications, and today they represent some of the World’s leading brands in the geo market. Backed by a highly experienced team, they also offer instrument rental, geophysical exploration services, consulting, as well as develop special accessories to support customer needs. A fully equipped maintenance center provides customers with the highest quality after-sales service and technical support.

ImpulseRadar brings true advancements to the GPR industry with its range of wireless dual-channel antennas. Our internal field testing has proven ImpulseRadar’s systems to be superior in both performance and ergonomic design. From the modern Android-driven user interface to the lightweight wireless design, we knew these antennas were winners from the start. I am intimately familiar with the team at ImpulseRadar and as well as having an ingrained culture of integrity, they have a proven record of listening to customers and understand that their interests are of the highest priority”, says Francisco Torres, Managing Director, Geoelec.