Our colleagues from ImpulseRadar USA recently had the chance to demonstrate the Raptor-45 3D GPR Array at the Fort site, Historic St Mary’s City, and we extend our thanks to Dr Tim Horsley for this opportunity. Raptor is proving increasing useful to quickly and efficiently investigate such important archaeological sites.

Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) presents the archaeologist with a way to non-destructively and non-intrusively image the hidden and lost world below. GPR is easy to deploy and offers the best data resolution by comparison to other geophysical technologies. GPR data helps archaeologists make informed decisions about how to manage sites and where to dig. However, Raptor can make this process significantly more efficient by reducing the time it takes to collect data over large areas.

Combined with Condor 3D GPR processing software, you can process Raptor data quickly and easily. You can even produce detailed images of the subsurface shortly after data collection for viewing while still in the field.

Visit our archaeology application page to learn more about how our GPR solutions can benefit your next archaeology project.

A Raptor-45 3D GPR Array is attached to a tractor for scanning the subsurface of an archaeological site.